Baby Led Potty Training

About The Workshop

Baby Led Potty Training is a Continuing Professional Development course which focuses on how to apply natural infant hygiene principles to newborn care. Courses are held in Central London (Victoria).


There is no assessment.


There are no pre-requisites to attend this workshop.


The students will receive certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

Workshop Content

In this workshop you will learn about the reflexes, innate behaviours and cues that newborns possess that will help you work with babies and the natural development of their bladder and bowels in exactly the same way that you read cues for feeding and sleep. Jenn will show you how to pick up on these cues and how to hold a baby right from the start on a potty. She explains signals which are often confused such as fussing mid nap and popping on and off the breast mid feed. Throughout the workshop Jenn will demonstrate how the principles of baby-led pottying fit with modern life, going out and about and still using nappies, as well as how to broach the subject with parents. New and experienced maternity nurses will find this a enriching and rewarding subject. As Jenn says “Responding appropriately to a baby’s need – even the need to poo – is satisfying for baby and carer alike”!

About the trainer

Jenn Philpott is a mother of four and baby-led potty training enthusiast. She came across the technique when her eldest daughter was 6 months old, and the evolutionary and cultural history immediately appealed to her. She tried it out, was delighted to find that it worked, and never looked back. She used a potty from birth with her next 3 children and has been teaching parents how to get started themselves for over seven years. Jenn explores the philosophy and developmental processes surrounding potty training and infant hygiene with learners while giving practical tips and tricks. Her enthusiastic and interactive teaching style makes what can be a daunting topic approachable and fun.

Training Location

We are based in London Victoria, about a 10-15 minute walk from the main train station.

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