Maternity Nurse Job Description (non-medical)


  • Having your own business and being your own boss
  • Flexible working hours
  • Can fit around family commitments
  • Well paid
  • Rewarding Job – making a change to peoples lives and children’s development
  • Working with a variety of people and situations


A Maternity nurse provides essential support to parents with new-born babies, typically for up to six weeks following the birth. Your role is to ensure the family settles into life with their new-born and offer guidance and encouragement throughout. This may also include helping parents integrate the new-born with other children in the family.


The role of a Maternity Nurse is growing evermore popular with parents looking for support and guidance following the birth of a new-borns.


The role of a Maternity Nurse can be very diverse, however here are some responsibilities you can expect when working as a non-medical Maternity Nurse.


• Provide care for the mother and baby
• Educating parents on best practices
• Providing advice on feeding
• Bathing the baby
• Putting the baby to sleep
• Sorting out clothes and clothing the baby
• Maintaining the nursery
• Updating records
• Establishing routines and making recommendations to the parents
• Provide parents with respite when required.


• Good listener
• Good communicator
• Empathetic
• Passionate
• Motivated
• Calm under pressure

Earning potential

This is your business and it is up you what your fees are. Things to consider when looking at your prices are;


• What do you need to earn to make this a viable business?
• What is your competition? If there isn’t much you can usually charge more for your services.
• Make sure you cover any costs you have. Although costs are minimal, you should make sure you cover any costs within your price such as travel expenses and running costs such as a website or printed flyers.


Most Maternity Nurses work on a set rate for 24 hours or sell packages for their services rather than an hourly rate although hourly rates are typically £15-£25 per hour and some people charge more if working in a big city.


Here are some examples of packages that are offered by working Maternity Nurses today.


Experienced Maternity Nurse

  24h 5days Nights
Single £160 – £180   £800 – £1000 £13 – £18 per hour
Twins £190 -£250   £950 – £1250 £18 – £24 per hour
Triplets £240 – £300 £1200 – £1800 £20 – £28 per hour


Junior Maternity Nurses

  24h 5days Nights
Single £150 – £160   £750 – £800 £12 – £14 per hour
Twins £170 – £180   £850 – £900 £15 – £17 per hour
Triplets £180 – £190   £900 – £950 £17 – £18 per hour


Telephone package: £500

24 hours a day telephone contact, Monday – Friday for the first month following the birth. This will help address any questions or concerns during this time.


This is an unregulated industry and qualifications are not required to start working as a non-medical Maternity Nurse. Although this is the case, many parents and agencies will not employ someone who is unable to demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge to help them and a qualification is usually required to obtain work.


The London School of Childcare Studies (LSCS) offers an OCN Level 3 & 4 qualification in Maternity Nursing (non-medical) where you will learn all the necessary skills to become a Maternity Nurse. You will understand how to look after a new-born correctly and how to effectively communicate with parents and implement routines. The course can be taken online or at the training venue in Oxford Street, London. You will also benefit from pre-course learning before your weekend training which is then followed by 5-7 week of webinars and mentoring to help you into your new career.


You may have the opportunity to gain work experience following your training with LSCS where you will earn a reference from the family which will help you when taking on new clients.


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Career Prospects

  • Working for High Profile Families
  • Opportunity to work overseas
  • Moving in to increasingly challenging positions with additional considerations such as health or special needs.
  • Working as a Senior Maternity Nurse in a High Profile Staffed Family
  • With additional qualifications can obtain work as a Governess

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