Sleep regression in under one

Webinar with a Sleep Expert Julie Heginbottom

Julie supports families privately through Telephone Consultation through to 24 hour support. Sleep is vital for our well-being, growth and development. Yet many babies struggle in achieving Healthy Sleep patterns. Working with babies from newborn through to children of 8 years old Julie has seen how sleep is never truly linear. Understanding what happens in sleep and the reasons why the process changes depending on age, development and circumstance can enable Sleep Practitioners to share this with clients so they are able to recognise ‘Normal Sleep’ and to understand how to support through more challenging periods.

Who should attend?

Nannies, Maternity Nurses, Night nannies, Sleep Practitioners and anyone working or being in contact with under 1.

What you will learn?

The webinar will explain why Sleep varies and the challenges faced during these times. Julie will discuss why she believes the term ‘Sleep Regression’ to be misleading and the issues which arise when this label is used. We will consider how to support parents and babies in a positive and responsive way whilst understanding the particular development shifts and the Physiological changes which arise with the Under 1’s.

Course Content

  • Changing Mindset from Sleep Regression to Development Progression
  • Sleep Phase Transitions and the reasons why babies can struggle with these
  • Why Temperament and Personality needs to be understood and considered and the impact this has on Sleep
  • The different challenges for different stages with Under 1’s
  • The role of the Sleep Consultant in informing, supporting and focusing on Healthy Sleep rather than generalised Sleep
  • The purpose of the Transitional Stage of Sleep and the importance of this

Webinar Duration

1 hour

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